So we all know that having authority at google will rank our pages for their keywords well but it doesn’t seem that shoemoney is ranking for any of the keywords used on his blogposts, and almost every other page out there on shoemoney seems to rank higher then him on his inner pages.

I read the post on David’s blog about what Jeremy should do about his poor rankings, although i like to portray that theres hope in every case but here i don’t think so, some sites rank naturally lower in google despite their great backlinks and dmoz listings, its not that shoemoney has less backlinks or anything he is still indexed and still has authority and all but theres this sort of a myth that some sites are like the blackhseep to google no matter what they do they will not rank better then they already are.

A few weeks ago i started my MFA experiment i took one script and made around 60 sites, same method of advertising, now the keyword is the same content isnt but it rotates so basically its the same content but rotating, now i had 3 pr5s which were natural not dropped and a few domains that had 10,000+ backlinks and a few newly bought domains , the results were pretty amazing, it doesn’t seem that google cared about backlinks and/or ip they are on , one of the pr0′s got 20k pages indexed and the natural pr5 got 10k pages this proves to at least me that google is not evaluating your backlinks while indexing/ranking you.It’s a myth but it is happening.

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