After a day of development i was having a drink and going through my feed reader where i found a post on SEM updates on shoemoney, where Pam talks about bloggers removing the NO-Follow tag from the links on comments and comment content as well, i read it on Daven’s Blog as well, personally i do-not agree with this as a good traffic generating strategy (long term), this could get you traffic but only for the time being from people who are willing to be sincere enough to NOT SPAM for a while to comment but after a little while they’ll all become the same’ol spammers they originally were, getting original quality and/or responsive traffic is incredibly hard and announcing this little fact that you are going to remove all NO-Follow tags on the blog just puts you under the spotlight with a big red circle on your shirt….and looky, here come the spammers!

As for blogs and link sales, being creative is not going to help at all, some people make sites and along the line decide to sell links and then there are some people who make sites only to sell links…links and links alone, link farms in other words, the only thing i suggest to my clients and/or people who ask about buying and selling links what to go for, my answer is always the same, go for sites that don’t look slutty to begin with (link farms or link whores or whatever you call them nowadays)…think of it like sites like John Cow, now when you go there you’ll find 80% links and advertisements to other sites, do you really think that site would rank good on any basis in google? authority wise. This does not apply to edu/gov sites, you can spam them all you want and you’ll still end up getting alot of link love.

Just one more thing to add to this, look at the picture below…it’s so obvious that people are posting just to get some link love from daven’s blog, obviously david has some authority which is going to be whored royally by this, ah well..

dave naylor a uk seo 1193600161109 Bloggers going for Do follow. I dont follow.

How sincere..

i have removed nofollow 1193600310875 Bloggers going for Do follow. I dont follow.

pixel Bloggers going for Do follow. I dont follow.