Lately I read two really interesting articles both of them aiming at opposite aspects of the subject at hand “RSS Subscribers”.

CopyBlogger – 10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers
Gary Conn – How To Increase RSS Feedburner Subscribers

Bloggers and RSS Subscribers

If you are a blogger then you need these subscribers baaaad, these are the main come-back traffic to your blog and not just that, these are relevant visitors that are interested in your blog content as well as the ads around it which means more CTR, so as a blogger you need to look at them as your bread and butter if they are happy then you’ll be happy..every 1st of every month.

Getting more RSS Subscribers

Lets get to it then, getting more rss subscribers could be a bit hard but not if you have access to a couple sites and a few friends who have friends to get started off.

These are some ways you can start off with some readers.

Get a landing page

You can always make a page within your blog with all the info to subscribe to your feed and all the other goodies that feedburner offers, and you know that they offer a.l.o.t!

You can also try to edit your blog templates to include subscribing links under every post like i did, you can look at them below but linking to them within the first few paragraphs or in the most interesting bits of it will get you even more attention.

Ask opinions within posts

This is usually how my numbers go up, whenever i ask my reader’s opinions in posts i get an email instead of a blog comment with some info on what i should post or what i should include in my posts from there on, so that way i land a couple readers right there.

Leaving your users with a question or a thought that would tickle their brain for a while would be good too, if it makes then want to think then they will surely come back for more!

Diversify your content

The more interactive the better!
If you have more then just lame ol’ posts on your blog, your visitors will definitely subscribe to your blog, there are alot of mundane bloggers that will just keep blogging with nothing else going on, and then there are people with several acts going on – on the same blog!

Think out of the box, podcasts is one way of getting interactive and probably getting a guest blogger would be nice too!
To take this further you could do ebooks, videos, contests and even try blog drama with other bloggers or in some cases join forces like johnchow and johncow.

Poke around your buddy list for readers

Well you can always go to your friends and ask them to subscribe to your feed and/or ask them to ask their friends to do it if not that then just post it on their sites or forums or wherever on the web it is that they go to, untill they are getting the link out there to 2 or more people you’ll do just one, don’t ever leave a reader behind!

Include your blog in your sites!

If you are a webmaster i would definitely recommend you to embed your feed into your sites that you make on a daily or monthly basis which you will sell overtime, obviously.

This will not only get you more exposure but also some new demographics for your blog!

Every digg means a new subscriber

To be honest, i can’t prove this part just yet but whenever i get 10+ diggs i get 10+ new subscribers which is awesome, so for the moment im building up on just that theory, if they dugg you then they must’ve subscribed to you as well you just might not know it.

Well thats it for the tips, try them lemme know how it goes icon smile Fishing for RSS Subscribers
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