interviews Saturday Blogger Interviews   Jason Mosley   MrBaconpants.comJason Mosley from MrbaconPants answered a few questions for this week’s Saturday Blogger Interview!

Do you blog offtopic? like other things then tech?
Yes all the time. I try to tie everything with bacon and/or beer.

Does offtopic blogging help you?

I think it dose. I feel if I blogged about the same topic I would get
bored with it. I don’t want blogging to feel like a job. I want it to
be fun and creative. Also its help me to gain a bigger audience, for
example if they don’t like tech I am sure they will enjoy my other

Do you ever directly insult another blogger in your posts?

Never! I will give my honest opinion about a blog or website but I
don’t think I am ever insulting about it. We are all part of the same
community so for the most part bloggers should be friendly with each

As a techblogger what do you prioritize traffic or commentors?

Traffic, without it you don’t have anything. As long as people are
reading my content I’m happy and making money. If someone happens to
comment, I’m even happier.

Where do you look for inspiration or ideas for new posts? other blogs?news sites? tv?

Life, I just sit back and reflect on my day and usually a topic will
come from that. Sometimes I will read my Twitter feed and yes other
blogs to get the creative juices flowing. I recently wrote a post
about this here.

Does rss readers matter to you?
Yes, the more you have, the more dedicated your readership is.

How important is seo to you?
To be honest I really don’t think about it. I think wordpress does a
good enough job by itself with it. I do get a lot of traffic from
Google but I feel that links form other sites give you better quality

Would you rather go for adwords or seo?

SEO, it’s free!

For monetization would you go for CPC or CPA?

I only offer direct advertising on my site and they pay by the month.
It makes it easier for me because its less reporting and things to
keep track of. I could probably may more doing a CPC or CPA method but
it would require more work.

3 of your most popular posts on your blog..

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