Ok so I was looking around for some blogging tips to post about today and thought, why not give you the most interesting of all the top 10 blogging tips currently found online.

The first one is from the guy who coined the phrase weblog over 10 years ago, Jorn Barger.

jorn Best of Top 10 Blogging Tips

jornnotes Best of Top 10 Blogging Tips

He doesn’t normally blog about blogging tips, as a matter of fact it’s a totally different subject but he did make this list that is interesting to read and it does have some good blog tips in it. The Link

The next top ten blogging tips link is done a bit differently than we are used to seeing. It doesn’t have an author listed, it just says from a novice blogger. The difference in this blogging tips top 10 is that he goes about it backwards, like a countdown. Here’s the link and a screenshot of the top ten list, but be sure to read it on his blog because it goes into much more detail than what I have shown you.

bloggingtips Best of Top 10 Blogging Tips

The next top ten blogging tips link is an older post inspired by Darren Rowse, but well worth reading . The basics are covered in this article and it does a blogger good to get back to the basics.

Darren Rowse, pictured here (was the inspiration for the last top ten blogging tips post)

darrenrose Best of Top 10 Blogging Tips

So there you have it 3 different Top Ten Blogging Tips by 3 totally different bloggers. I think if you read them all, they all have their own ideas on the subject of blogging and will definitely give you some good insight as far as what to do on your own blog.

Now get out there and write that next post! Content, Content, Content=$$$$$ for bloggers

pixel Best of Top 10 Blogging Tips