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Are you looking for an adequate amount of space where you can store all your files and data? Is your data storage gadgets not enough to satisfy your need? Are you also in search of a more functional storage space where you can easily access your files anywhere, and be able to send your data easily? Then you should be using the features of Huge Drive from this day forward.

What is Huge Drive?

Huge Drive is a storage space site where you can actually store all your data and media files for safekeeping and easy access. It serves not just as an online storage device, but as well as a social site where you can share your items to other people in the community. Here are the wonderful features of Huge Drive for you to enjoy:

1. Up to 25GB Storage Space

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The main benefit you can get by using Huge Drive is up to a whopping 25GB of online storage space where you can save all the important, not-so-important, as well as the secret files you have. You can store documents, templates, media files and softwares which you can download anytime, anywhere. This huge storage space is very important especially to those who dot their jobs on the internet because they get to have a reliable space which they can easily access. This also serves as a backup for your files whenever you face emergencies, i.e., losing your USB memory stick or having all your files deleted on your PC by accident. Just like a hard disk space, you can also partition the 25GB of storage space for more organization of your files and documents.

All Huge Drive accounts have a base storage space of 500 MB. If you wish to upgrade your account to HugeDrive Professional, you would then receive 10GB personal storage space. Advanced accounts meanwhile can enjoy up to 1 TB of online space. You will also be given up to 10GB of bandwidth which you can consume every month.

2. Easier File Transfer Process

You usually encounter a limited space when sending files via email, right? Some email providers limit your attachments up to 25MB or less, and sometimes this becomes a big setback especially when you need to send large files to another person. Huge Drive thus puts an end to this problem: you can now send large files via email through this site! You no longer need to split your files so they can fit to your email’s sending limits; with the powers of Huge Drive, you are now able to email them to your friends and other recipients as a whole.

3. Upload Up to 1GB sized Files

free internet online hard drive storage to share files and collaborate 12197909210621   Online Storage ReviewShould you wish to upload your files for easier internet access, then you can absolutely do that here in Huge Drive. You can take control of the files you are about to upload; you can either share them with the other members of the community, or just have them available for viewing. You can upload files such as PDF documents, media files and software programs. There are some policies regarding the uploading of media files however, which you do have to abide with.

4. An All-Around Social Media Site

Huge Drive is not only a file storage site; it is a social network site as well. You can share your profile with the other members of this online community, as well as collaborate with other people who share the same interests as you. You can post your photo albums, feature music and video playlists, and express your rants and raves to your friends and well as other end users. This is thus a good way to strengthen your reputation in the online community.

You can also add users to your account, just like having a friends list. You can also manage the accessibility options of these users towards the files you uploaded in the site, to give them more opportunities in using your media and documents.

5. Do your Editing online

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One of the most useful features HugeDrive provides to its users is the capability to edit work online. You have the option to edit or continue your work online and be able to save it, rather then downloading it first before doing your edits. This way you can make more use of time whenever you’re online, and as well be able to work with your other team members who are online as well. All of you can do the editing simultaneously online, and it’s just like being together doing some group project. This interactive feature of HugeDrive greatly makes use of your time not only for your work but as well as a bonding moment with your friends or co-workers.

6. Web-based File Management

Unlike other other file storage programs in the net, you don’t have to download any software first before you can use HugeDrive. All you need is a web browser so you can go through the site and manage your account. This way you won’t have problems accessing your HugeDrive account since you can do it anywhere, as long as you’re logged in to the internet.

HugeDrive can also be accessed using your mobile phone, depending on the features of your phone unit. This gives you more accessibility options so even when you are on the road, you can still manage your account.

7. Sign Up for Free!

Yes, if there’s anything you’d be happy to know about Huge Drive, it is that signing up for an account is free of charge. You don’t need to use your credit cards or bank funds in order to enjoy this string of benefits, for they can all be yours via free membership. All you have to do is sign for a membership form, manage your account settings, and hence you’re ready to go.

So, if you think you need this kind of service to manage your files, documents and other data, then visit Huge Drive right now to avail of these features. It’s very important to have that space you need for all your activities, and HugeDrive can just provide you with everything you need.

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