MM1 Matt Mullenweg Interviewed! And here’s the grand finally of the whole blogger interviews era!

Matt Mullenweg, creator/founder of wordpress.

Matt, first of all how does it feel to be the creator of wordpress, the blogging platform that has the majority of the bloggers online?

Darn good. icon wink Matt Mullenweg Interviewed! It’s an honor to be at the service of so many fine folks.

How did you get started on wordpress? or blogging, in general?

I had gotten a Sony digital camera and on a trip to Washington D.C. and wanted to share the photos I was taking with my friends and family back home. I was reading blogs at the time and had even started my own using Movable Type, but that trip was the catalyst for me to move to my own domain ( and find a better blogging system, which at the time was b2/cafelog.

There are tons and tons of plugins and addons out there for wordpress that turn it into a powerful cms rather then just a blogging platform, do you think automattic would ever release those kind of plugins/mods?

Sure, we watch the plugin ecosystem pretty closely and when something gets popular we always look closely at if and how it should be integrated with the core system.

How important do you think content is compared to the design of the blog?

Infinitely more important. Of course there’s not usually a choice that has to be made between the two, but I would always focus on content first.

Spam comments, I’ve had nearly 10,000 in 7 months, why is it that there are so many windows/server applications that allow spamming on wordpress so much? I know that most of them want links but recently there are alot of comments seen that are really bizarre, with absolutely no meaning, valid email or link..

I can’t fathom what goes on in the mind of spammers sometimes, I imagine the nonsense ones are some sort of tracking system to see which comment get through defense systems.

What would you say is a blogger’s most unique and valuable asset?

Their voice.

Any tips for my readers and all bloggers out there?

Try to incorporate something visual with every post, be it a photo, illustration, or video.

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