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Proxy services are held of great importance especially when it comes to protecting your web browsing privacy. For businesses meanwhile that involve high volume data scraping, the use of proxy servers are also a must to protect their identity. The use of proxy servers is usually a special procedure and entails the services of an IT expert, but these days you can now avail of them through buying proxy server packages at

Proxy Bonanza is a site dedicated to providing clients with paid proxy servers which they can use on their personal or business browsing activities. Proxy Bonanza offers anonymous SOCKS5 and HTTP protocol support in their IP packages, allowing you to proceed with your surfing activities with ease and security.

Proxy Bonanza offers two kinds of IP packages, the shared and exclusive packages.

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The shared proxy packages are not exclusive, thus a lot of Proxy Bonanza clients are capable of using the same proxy IP address all at the same time. This is a good choice especially for personal users, but of course there is always an option for exclusive proxy IP addresses, which can be found in the exclusive proxy packages. The proxies in shared packages are given anonymity, as well as support for HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy protocol. They also require authentication in order to be used.

The exclusive proxy packages meanwhile provide you with IP addresses assigned exclusively to your account. Like the shared proxy packages, all the proxies used in exclusive proxies are anonymous, support SOCKS5 and HTTP protocol, and of course require authentication. Proxy Bonanza currently provides only 1 IP class for exclusive proxies, thus it is at present not possible to assign IPs from other classes to one’s exclusive account.

Account Setup

The account setup process in Proxy Bonanza is quite efficient, as accounts become active within 15 minutes (30 minutes for exclusive proxy packages) after the customer pays. Most proxy services take up to 1 hour before the user account becomes active, thus you can use the proxy IP addresses right away.

Proxy Bonanza understands that there are times when a client’s software does not support the proxies, thus the proxy IP addresses turn to be useless. Because of this Proxy Bonanza provides a full money-back guarantee. You can just contact their customer service and report the said issue.

Speed and Efficiency of the proxies

The paid proxies provided by Proxy Bonanza are quite fast; they also don’t eat up your bandwidth, but the actual speed in connecting and using the proxies may vary depending on the package and where the client is located.

When you go past the limit of your bandwidth, your account will become inactive. In this case you will no longer be able to use the proxies. Proxy Bonanza allows you to purchase more bandwidth or move to a new package so you can use more proxies.

There is a possibility however that the proxies may not work on some sites such as Facebook, Youtube and Craigslist. This is because a previous user abused the proxy services before, making the addresses easily recognized by today’s administrator tools. If you find out that you can’t use your Proxy Bonanza account, then you may inform the customer service department to get a refund of your payment.

The IPS are, in general, not recognized by proxy testers, thus it is safe to use them on your internet surfing activities. The proxy list also doesn’t change often, and is updated only after a few months.

Among the main benefits of using Proxy Bonanza is that you get an adequate amount of paid proxy IP addresses to sustain your private browsing needs, as well to bypass search engines from recognizing your own IP address when you try to go to administrator restricted websites. This ensures you of safe and secure browsing and internet surfing, as your true identity is kept hidden from hackers, cyber criminals, or bots and individuals who are capable of going through your internet activities without your knowledge.

Proxy Bonanza also provides its customers with tutorials on how to use their accounts and proxies on different browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Through this instruction guide you will know how to make use of your assigned proxy IP addresses once you start to secure your privacy in the internet world.

Why not check out Proxy Bonanza and see if this is the proxy site that caters to your needs? This may be the proxy site you have long been looking for.

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