Already a month into the new year! Here are the earnings from for January 2011:


Total: $33.05

Top Commenters

  1. Seb
  2. Shailender
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  5. Andrew@BloggingGuide
  6. Dean Saliba
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  8. Sam
  9. Amelia
  10. Andy

There was some confusion a couple of months ago about the Top Commentators list. The plugin had it’s usually bi-annual hack problem. I disabled it. It’s back now for the time being. It is not making the cut of features on the new design. There are better ways to reward interaction than a plugin that seems prone to security issues. I’ll still include a permanent link on the Monthly Blog Income post for as long as I continue these. So if you want a permanent link from this blog, just post some comments. It only took 2 comments to crack the Top 10 last month.

Thoughts and what I’m working on

Not a killer start to the year. Got a lot of work to do, but I’m still optimistic and excited about the year. If I can wrap up the redesign on Blueverse, I believe that will help me build a much more solid income base. At this point, making anything from the blog, I’m happy with.

On the work note, I can’t believe how quickly the first month has gone by. A lot going on already this year, but some great stuff.

Keep working hard! I’d love to hear some success stories this year.

pixel Monthly Blog Earnings   January 2011