weed magazines What The Pot Industry Can Teach Us About Niche SelectionI was in Borders a couple of days ago, looking for a car magazine they carry from the UK. I was pretty focused on the car section which is extensive in Borders, when my wife called my attention to a section of magazines behind me. They all dealt with marijuana…pot…weed…rollin doobies. Why she thought I needed to know about magazines covering the pot industry, I have no idea, but it got me to thinking, as a lot of things tend to do, about the Internet and web sites.

I’ve been working on a laundry list of new projects and methods for making money online through various sources. I want to diversify my income and not be dependent on just one or two key things. As part of the process, niche selection always surfaces. I tend to gravitate towards a few niches I know well and understand, but again, trying to branch out here, so I’ve been looking at adding new ones to my stable of sites and projects.

One of the problems for newbies, as well as seasoned veterans, is figuring out what niche to focus on. It can be difficult to figure out what has a shot at being successful and what to avoid. How focused to get and what may be too broad.

How in the world did weed get me to thinking about this? Good question.

If the pot industry has room for a host of different magazines, and weed seems like a pretty focused topic compared to something like making money online, perhaps there’s plenty of room for another site, service or product that has to do with your favorite niche. Even if it’s a popular one.

Sometimes I think the gurus try and scare us away from some of the super popular niches. While the intentions may be good, I’m not sure they’re always right. One of the drums they beat over and over is “avoid the make money online niche.” Sounds like solid advice…right? But what if that’s what you really enjoy? What if that’s what is going to get you up every morning excited to try new things and work hard? Does it really matter that there are already established players in that niche? Isn’t there room for someone to come along with their own voice, their own experiences, and personal take on how to go about it?

I liken it to the eye opening pot dispensaries they featured in the movie Super High Me (not a great film, but interesting nonetheless). There isn’t just one type of weed. There are hundreds, if not thousands. Different strengths, smells, cross breeds, etc. with creative names like Dubious Doobie, Mama Cita, and Hackers Hash. Now I grew up as a pretty sheltered kid, so this was all eye opening to me.

In the same way, some competition in even the most competitive of niches is good/healthy/right/etc. It does require you to focus on doing things better than your competition, but that should be the case no matter what.

If you’re looking for some niche selection help or ideas, I read a couple of great posts over on ZacJohnson.com that are worth starting with. They’re not the usual “choose something you’re good at” dribble (which actually is REALLY important by the way), but instead take things a step further by helping you evaluate competition, traffic potential, etc. Check em out here:

So You Want To Build A Niche Web Site

How To Find Hidden Niche Markets

As a side note, Zac is one of the few guys in the affiliate marketing/make money online niche that consistently produces good content. Definitely worth reading on a regular basis if you don’t already.

pixel What The Pot Industry Can Teach Us About Niche Selection