bus advertising 615x365 3 Unusual Places For Affiliate, Blog or Website AdvertisingAbout a year and a half ago I read a post on Ad Hustler that has stuck in my brain ever since. It’s prompted me to put together this post primarily to challenge you to think outside the box a bit for new ways to advertise your affiliate offer, product/service, blog, website, etc. All three of the places listed below are offline advertising methods.

Now before you dismiss me as an old school advertising coot, consider that an offline advertising method may just prove to be more cost effective than online advertising methods and could provide a solid amount of traffic and resulting conversions.

Here are 3 unusual places to advertise your digital wares or site:

1. Local Mobile Advertisements

Here’s a link to the post on AdHustler.com that got me to thinking about these methods: Offline Billboard To Online Affiliate Offer Case Study. In it, the author details a case study he put together with a Netflix affiliate offer. I’ll let you read the the post for the details, it’s pretty interesting. The quick summary is he spent roughly $0.001 per impression (nearly 1 million impressions total) and nearly broke even on the first month. Had he continued beyond the first month with the same offer, he would have turned a 40% profit on the second month. This is due to the setup costs. And get this, the ads ran on banners attached to the sides and backs of buses. Talk about unusual!

There are other options, depending on your particular locale. For instance, you could explore the new trend of paying consumers to put signs and advertisements on their vehicles. Drivertising is what it’s referred to in our area. Once you get the initial design costs out of the way, the ongoing costs for additional months decrease dramatically.

2. Postcards

There was a day when junk mail was annoying as spam is for most of us today. Anymore, I’d much rather deal with half a dozen pieces of junk mail then I would the massive amount of spam I seem to wade through every single day, even with good spam filtering in place. Along that same line of thought, things like postcards, if done well, still catch my attention and can lead to a conversion. Although many will poo poo this as too expensive or ineffective, taking the digital world to this traditional form of advertising can be very effective. A prime example is that of stock promotion. There’s a reason stock promoters exist and are paid so handsomely. Some of the best promoters still use good old fashioned mailers as a solid way to drum up business.

Getting into the direct mail affiliate marketing game is easy. You find an offer, get a quality postcard printed, buy a list of addresses, and bulk mail em. There are hundreds of places to get address lists from, and just as many vendors to use for quality card printing. You can even split test with different wording, designs, etc. by using more than one offer code or web site. Another avenue to pursue is Pay Per Call marketing. A call to action that includes a phone number can lead to solid conversions and profit.

3. Billboards & Stationary Signs

This relates to Local Mobile Advertisements, but again, can be a great way to advertise a digital web property or affiliate offer. I’ve seen a lot of billboards for companies that include a web address, but very few that are specifically advertising a web site. Again, this can be a great way to drive traffic through cheap impressions. Billboard inventory is plentiful and some great deals can be struck if you do your homework and are persistent when negotiating.

Other options are stationary signs on benches, bus stop shelters and the like. Again, impressions can be huge and the cost very cheap.

If nothing else, I hope the above gets the creative juices flowing a bit. Instead of just following the pack, think about stepping outside your comfort zone a bit and trying something completely different. There are plenty of affiliate offers, for example, that could perform well with the right creative pushing them. Things such as insurance, Netflix, and job offers would grab people’s attention. Put together a solid design, a memorable URL and a good phone number and you’re set.

If you have other Offline Advertising ideas, please share them in the comments.

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