Has it been a great year or what so far?! I’m really pumped about 2011. Some good things happening. Here is how much Blueverse.com contributed to the goal of make money blogging for March 2011:


Total: $187.48

Top Commenters

  1. Trailers and Reviews
  2. Dave
  3. watch tv online
  4. Web Design Surrey
  5. Channel Letters
  6. Funny Stuff
  7. Peter the accountant
  8. Web Solutions
  9. Alex Lim@bus KL
  10. Augmentation Mamaire

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Thoughts and what I’m working on

An interesting month on Blueverse.com. Income more than doubled over last month. I set a goal of $150 for the month at the start of March and exceeded that. Here are some goals for April:

  • $200 in income
  • Add 100 inbound links
  • Add 1000 visitors to the site

I’ve got a few things I’m going to use to do that, but mostly it boils down to a little good old fashioned elbow grease. I’ll report in at the start of next month to review how it’s gone.

pixel Monthly Blog Earnings   March 2011