A few weeks ago I posted about some offline advertising methods for affiliate, bloggers and website owners to consider (3 Unusual Places For Affiliate, Blog or Website Advertising). The idea was to maybe get some creative juices flowing and help us think outside the norm.

Shortly after that post, I received an email from Mark over at Adzookie.com. They’re a mobile advertising company, quite different from traditional advertising methods such business cards, custom pencils, and imprinted stress balls, that has branched out into a new form of advertising. They’re turning houses into billboards. It’s the same concept as car wrapping or bus wrapping, only done on a house. Here’s a picture:

AdzookiePaintHouse Another Offline Advertising Method: House Wrapping

The advertising option is available to home owners (not rental or lease situations). The entire outside of the house is painted. Just the roof, windows and awnings are left untouched. The painting process takes between 3 and 5 days.

Here’s the cool part. Adzookie.com will make the mortgage payment every month for as long as the house is painted. They estimate this to be as long as a year.

Mark mentioned that 223 home owners have contacted them so far, along with 12 businesses, 7 restaurants and 1 church.

Pretty crazy if you ask me. My wife and I were talking today about it and decided our neighbors would all hate us if we did something like this. …BUT… There’s not arguing that it’s a way to advertise that people are not currently doing. It’s sure to get media attention if it starts to take off.

One killer benefit is that to the homeowner. Imagine being able to stay in your house while you’re looking for a new job and don’t have money to make your mortgage payment. All just by turning your house into a billboard. I’m sure there are thousands out there that would take advantage of that opportunity.

What do you think about the idea? Would love to hear your comments.

pixel Another Offline Advertising Method: House Wrapping