Online Business is an ocean of opportunity to all Internet marketing aspirants. You can make money online in various ways and you don’t need to be an IT geek or a millionaire to start your own web business. Plus, having a website or a blog is certainly not a requirement. All you need is a Facebook account to get started! This article will give you ideas on how to make money with Facebook.

Social medias are one way to interact with your friends and relatives. But it can also be a great tool if you want to make money in the Internet. Facebook is the best social media site that you can use to start your own online business. You can actually build thousands of customers using this medium alone. So how can you make money with Facebook? Take note of the following tips below.

Advertise on Facebook
Facebook is a great tool to show off your products and you can do it in a variety of ways like posting in your wall or buying an ads space in Facebook. Plus, there are various Facebook apps that you can use to easily set up your ads for Facebook. This can be used as your virtual online store but make sure that your audience are relevant to what you offer online.

Promote affiliate products 
Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online. But did you know that you can actually make profit from this endeavor even without a website or a blog? Yes, this is possible through Facebook. All you need is to register a free account to any popular affiliate market place like Clickbank, Commission Junction or any affiliate programs that are related to your interests.

You can either post your affiliate id to your wall and present it to your audience but it is much more advisable to create your own Facebook page for more targeted audience. You can do this to various affiliate products that you wish to promote, of course the more the better. Plus, affiliate marketing also offers tier commission method. This means that you earn from every sale your referral make and most affiliate programs offers up to 3rd generation level. So you basically have two ways to make money from Facebook affiliate marketing.

Market your services
If you can advertise your products, you can certainly market your services on Facebook. Let say you are a writer, you can market your skills in Facebook and other freelancing Facebook pages to have a job opportunity. There are lots of employers lurking in this social site which are also looking for qualified individuals who can fill their job requirements.

Another example are writing articles, e-book and other services like virtual assistance. These services are widely common in Facebook ads that you can easily spot in your account sidebar. This ads are highly legitimate and can be your best asset in online job hunting!

Create your own Facebook application
If you are technical savvy, you can use your skills to your advantage and make money online. Create your own Facebook app and sell it to millions of Facebook users worldwide. You can also directly market your own app through Facebook’s marketing tools that are mentioned above.There you go. Online business can be applied by anyone who has the passion and determination to succeed. Remember, like any other businesses, Facebook marketing requires patience and a lot of effort to achieve success. Now start your own home based business and make this wonderful social media site as your main business tool!
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