You may have heard of Air Video, a video streaming & player app, but I doubt whether you gave a shot on Air Playit. It is an easy-to-use video and audio streaming app, and through WiFi or 3G/4G network you could stream almost all videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android OS mobile devices. Personally speaking, Air Playit is an unmatchable video streaming app because of its handiness, powerful capability, free of charge.

A connected device (iPhone/iPad/iTouch) can easily play back any movie or video on your PC or Mac via the network. More amazingly, it is not only supports those formats that the Apple devices do not natively, such as MKV, AVI, WMV, M2TS, AVCHD, etc. but also converts them on fly. That is to say, all movie and video can now be watched directly on your iPhone/iPad/iTouch with no need of third-party conversion software.

To illustrate how it works, I used it myself and tested its ability. For both PC and Mac user, the first thing is always download and install the software. So I installed the Air Playit server onto my Mac and Air Playit client onto my iPad. Actually, the software download and installment were pretty smooth. Then I got my cartoon (Rango) easily added on cloud. Almost forget that it can also access your iTunes Playlist.

After the successful installments of Air Playit server and client, you will be ready to use the app. The local server should show up immediately, for it supports automated server discovery on local network by Bonjour Service. But if it doesn’t, you could also add remote server by manually specifying IP address. Anyway, my iPad and Mac were connected automatically, and I could see a list of folders which had been set up on Mac before.

airplay1 Using Air Playit to Stream Movie to iPad airplay2 Using Air Playit to Stream Movie to iPad

The program will show the some basic info of the movie or video played back on mobile devices when tapping one in the folder. The arrows on the right hand side will expand the movie or video to full screen, the camera icon will take a quick snapshot, and using the settings menu, you can increase the video and audio quality.

airplay3 Using Air Playit to Stream Movie to iPad airplay4 Using Air Playit to Stream Movie to iPad

Moreover, you can also use its built-in offline task manager to convert movies to iPhone/iPad/iTouch format effortless. While watching a movie, you can easily skip to a new scene with minimal load time, or pause and come back to the exact spot where you left off. I watched an entire movie with little stuttering and few pauses. But using the server on my Mac was a little bit CPU-intensive, and I’m not sure that I would have been able to run other programs without causing problems.

Thanks to built-in HTTP server, Air Playit also lets you access videos stored on your PC or Mac via any web browser. Due to time limits, I did not test that out.

Overall, it is a very good solution if you have movies and videos in formats that don’t work with the iPhone/iPad/iTouch. With this app, you can stream directly from your PC or Mac pleasantly, regardless of unacceptable video formats.


Although there weren’t enough instructions or guidance when using Air Playit, it was fairly easy to figure out how it works and there’s no reason not to check out a free handy app.

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pixel Using Air Playit to Stream Movie to iPad