Promoting products or services through videos or increasing traffic on your website through them is the latest trend in the market. Though this trend is very much in the initial stages but is catching up in a rapid pace. Hence, optimizing your videos so that they serve the purpose well is exactly what you need to learn now. Here we will tell you how to optimize videos for search engines so that you can reap in maximum profit from them.

Naming your video appropriately

Your video is going to generate least interest among viewers if it has no catchy name but has some mere number or boring description of the video as the name. Therefore, provide a suitable and catchy name to your video that gives an idea about the content in the video, is catchy enough to generate interest or curiosity among its audience. This would help bring traffic to your site as well as help to rank your video high in search engines.

Use meta tags and include RSS feeds

Using meta tags and including RSS feeds help a lot when its about optimizing videos for search engines.

Use keywords suitably

Using keywords in the title of the video and it’s description helps search engines to link the video the your web pages much more easily. This is probably one of the best and easiest ways of optimizing your videos for search engines.

Optimize the content of your web page

Optimizing he content of the web page with rich keywords where your video is going to be placed is an effective way of optimizing your video for he search engine. This way not only the video search engine but also the content search engine can locate and rank your videos better.

Create a video site map

Create a separate video site map and submit in both content and video search engines for better result. This would lead the search engines to look out for more from you and would automatically help in your video optimization in search engines.

Use all anchor text opportunities

Do not miss out on any anchor text opportunity, rather capitalize on them. You should anchor text when you link your video to the text of other pages in your website.

Ensure of proper video extension

Always ensure of the video files, that you are submitting, of having proper extensions. Without then your optimizing techniques may not come to any use.

Keep a tab on the time or length of the video

Finally, keep your video short enough so as to deliver the message to the targeted audience correctly as well as hold their interest till the end. Unusually long videos will not not only fail to generate and maintain the interest of the target audience but will eventually fail to get good rankings in search engines.

Promoting or educating through videos is easier as well as much lower in cost than traditional television advertising. Yet it reaches the right audience and is very effective. Thus, optimizing videos for search engines becomes a must to make your videos a success. And with the tips provided above, optimizing your videos should be a cakewalk.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. Beside this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own one day Audi R8 V10.

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