SPS 128 Take Control Of Your Rankings With SEO PowerSuiteI swear…it seems like every other email I get these days has something to do with Google this… Panda that… and how to avoid a drop in rankings, leading to a certain death of your web site. Quite frankly, I’m getting sick of them and have started unsubscribing to lists that push all that website doomsday crap.

Sure I had sites affected by recent Google updates. Some keywords and phrases I was ranking for have all of a sudden disappeared, but others have gotten even stronger. What’s interesting is in the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed some terms that fell off the radar have started to pick back up and are climbing the ranking ladder. I’ve not changed my fundamental ranking strategy, only gotten a bit more selective about what sites I seek links from.

One of my favorite tools for dealing with rankings is one that, interestingly enough, recently ordered this paid review. It’s SEO PowerSuite. I feel mighty fortunate to get paid to write a review about software I use regularly and happen to really love.

SEO PowerSuite is actually 4 pieces of software compiled into a suite that covers all of your SEO bases. Here is a breakdown of each of the tools:

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker SEO PowerSuite Take Control Of Your Rankings With SEO PowerSuite

Rank Tracker is probably the tool I use the most out of SEO PowerSuite. It helps me track rankings for my sites and client’s sites, and keep on top of what keywords and phrases I’m working to rank for. It also includes a keyword research component.

WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor SEO PowerSuite Take Control Of Your Rankings With SEO PowerSuite

WebSite Auditor will evaluate your site and look at the structure and SEO optimization of your site’s content. I’m usually not a big fan of site audits like this, but I do find it handy when first starting to work with a site to see what issues might need to be addressed. I’ve also found running this every couple of months to see how your goals for the site are being addressed from the content and structure perspective is handy.

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass SEO PowerSuite Take Control Of Your Rankings With SEO PowerSuite

The SEO SpyGlass module goes out and analyzes your competition’s web sites to determine what makes up their backlink profile. You can in turn use this to create a link building plan to outrank those pesky competitors. This is especially handy when you’re hitting a brick wall trying to figure out how to even go about getting started with link building.


LinkAssistant SEO PowerSuite Take Control Of Your Rankings With SEO PowerSuite

The final module is the LinkAssistant. This is the module I’ve used the least, but probably need to be more diligent about using. The LinkAssistant will help you manage your link building tasks, create link directories, and even help you manage communincations with other sites that you want to have link to you.

As you can see, SEO PowerSuite is pretty much the complete package. I’ve been using the software for just over a year now and was impressed enough to even renew my subscription. I could go into more detail about each, but personally, I think you’re better off downloading the free version of the software and tinkering around with it than you are reading about my in depth thoughts on it. Grab the download from Link-Assistant.com here:  SEO PowerSuite.

What I will give you, however, is my bullet points of likes and dislikes about the software.

What I Like about SEO PowerSuite:

  • Comprehensive set of tools for handling pretty much all of your SEO tasks including tracking
  • Great reporting features making it easy to create reports for clients you’re doing SEO work for
  • Regularly updated for search engine changes and program updates
  • Easy to use with minimal work
  • Works on a Mac…LOVE this since I’m primarily a Mac user
What I Don’t Love about SEO PowerSuite:
  • Program interfaces are a bit clunky and dated feeling, especially when compared to a Market Samurai or other industry leading products
  • Requires paying for a subscription to get latest updates…Although I can understand why they charge, I still don’t like paying icon smile Take Control Of Your Rankings With SEO PowerSuite
  • Would be nice to be able to do some quick lookups on keywords without having to add them to a list…Haven’t been able to figure out how to do this yet
For the most part, the stuff I don’t like is minor. The benefits far outweigh the complaints and I’d highly recommend SEO PowerSuite to anyone doing SEO for their own sites or blogs, or doing SEO work for clients. Download the Free Edition here and give it a try: SEO PowerSuite Free Edition.
This is a paid review, however, I’m a user and firm believer in SEO PowerSuite. My review reflects my honest opinion of the software and it’s effectiveness.
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