quicksprout post screen shot 615x448 Make More Money TODAY By Split TestingI mentioned Neil Patel’s blog, QuickSprout.com, the other day (link…..). Normally I wouldn’t be so quick to link back to it so quickly. I like to spread the love a little bit.

But Neil just added a great post titled 11 Obvious A/B Tests You Should Try.

A/B Split Testing is something we should all be doing, for just about anything marketing related, but something most people don’t do because it can be a pain in the butt. Especially when you don’t have a system in place to track your testing, and determine which results show improvement to ultimately make you more money.

The reality is, though, we should be split testing everything we possible can. If you want to maximize what you’re making from your efforts that is.

I found several of his results to be pretty amazing. Here are a few you can read more about in the full post on QuickSprout.com:

  • Changing a button color increased click through rates by 21%
  • Offering a “Free Trial” versus a “Money Back Guarantee” boosted signups by 116%
  • Removing one form field increased conversion rate by 25%
  • Adding the word FREE in ads reduced CPA from $60 to $43 (a 30%ish savings)

Those are just a few that made me go “Wow!”.

The list provides lots of specific things for you to try, however more importantly, it will spark some creativity you can use for your own A/B split testing. You literally should be testing EVERYTHING. Even the smallest change can produce results. Think about it. A 25% increase in conversions can represent 25% more money in your pocket. It can be the difference between making $1000 in a month and $1250 for that same month. Or $5k a month instead of just $4k. That can really start to add up.

So head over to QucikSprout.com and check that post out here: 11 Obvious A/B Tests You Should Try.

Thanks Neil!


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