Flippa Logo Little Known Flippa.com Feature Reveals Most Profitable Site TypesI’ve been on a bit of a Flippa.com kick lately. A couple of days I posted a guide showing you How To Have Flippa Alert You Automatically About Sites That Interest You. This alone can save you loads of time and keep you up to speed on sites you’re wanting to buy or sell.

Today, I want to show you a little feature I found on Flippa that I’ve found very helpful for a few key things.

For Website Buyers: This feature will give you a sense of what you should be paying for sites in a particular niche, that deploy a particular technology, or use a given monetization method.

For Website Sellers: This feature will help you understand how much you should expect to sell your site for (or at least give you an average) based on what niche your site is in, monetization method you use, etc.

For Website Flippers: This feature can help you spot undervalued sites with profit potential built in for a quick flip.

To get to this tool, follow these steps on Flippa.com:

  1. Sign into your Flippa.com account, then go to your account dashboard.
  2. On the left hand side, you’re going to see a Watchlist section.
  3. Click on Watched Tags.
  4. Once on the My Watched Tags page, click on View All Tags.
  5. This will take you to a screen that looks like the following:


Flippa How To Set Up Alerts Watchlist Tags 615x348 Little Known Flippa.com Feature Reveals Most Profitable Site Types



On this list, I personally like to focus on two of the tabs: Niche and Monetization. On the individual list I’m looking at, I click on the Median Sale text to sort the list by the average sale across that niche. The more Closed auctions, the better in my opinion. I also consider how many are open.

For instance, currently on Flippa.com, you’ll see that the “file hosting” niche has a Median Sale of $4,999. Sweet! UNTIL you look at only 7 Closed auctions and 1 Open auction. Stats are a bit skewed.

Looking at the “blogging” niche, though, shows you 40 Closed and 5 Open auctions with an average sale of $900 a pop. Not bad. Could be a good place to look for sites you want to flip or to pick up a deal on an undervalued property.

Pretty simple method for finding something valuable. I’m sure your brains are already coming up with all sorts of uses for this tool. Think outside the box and use free tools like this to find hidden gems others don’t take the time to dig for.

pixel Little Known Flippa.com Feature Reveals Most Profitable Site Types