autopilot Put Your Blog On AutopilotEver wish you could just put your blog on autopilot and make money blogging without lifting a finger (other than to cash those checks!)? You’re not alone. Michael Dunlop over at decided to do just that a couple of years ago.

Michael runs a number of sites, blogs, and manages some other products he’s created. is dedicated to how he goes about making money online with tips, ideas, how-to guides, etc on how to make money blogging, Internet marketing, etc.

Last year he put up a post detailing a change he was working on for specifically. He wanted to automate the day to day duties of running the blog and minimize the amount of time he needed to spend. Of course the biggest challenge is writing and publishing posts. Content just simply takes a lot of time to put together.

A few places I’ve found helpful for finding writers for blogs I own:

  • – Fiverr is the site people post what services they’re willing to offer for $5. In a lot of cases, you get what you pay for, but you can find some gems in here. Be patient and invest in a few trial submissions from people. Then engage them for longer term, regular work.
  • Current readers – Simply ask your readers if any of them would be interested in submitting posts. You can find some great writers that way.
  • Regular Commenters – If you have a few people that comment regularly on your blog, you should consider asking them to contribute on a regular basis. Especially if they regularly post meaningful/helpful comments.
  • Guest Blog Sites – Take a look at the sites popping up to help you find guest posts. A couple are and I haven’t used these, but the concept seems logical.

Although the post is a year old now, the principles still apply and I would highly recommend you read it. You can check it out here: How To Autopilot Your Blog.

Really, it just boils down to a method of arbitrage. You pay writers, then monetize the traffic regular posts bring in. Make sure the amount you pay for your articles is less than what you make from your visitors. If you can truly achieve automation, you can put up 20, 30 or even 100 blogs, each making you $100 a month and have a nice monthly income for nothing more than a few hours a week of management.

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