It’s no secret that I’m fascinated by (more like addicted to) ways to make money online. I love reading about ways others have started blogs, online businesses and the like, going on to make hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month. Many of these sites don’t require a huge amount of work making it possible to have half a dozen or more of them running at once. This spreads out your risk and can afford you a nice income.

One area of particular interest to me is daily deal sites. I’ve followed a number of them over the years, with and being two of the early ones I only visited every day. I also dug into the site model and even tried a few daily deal sites with minimal success. This was primarily due to not being consistent in posting deals.

Today I came across a recent post on that talked about a Groupon/Deals aggregation site. It gives a quick account of the creation and history of a site called Coupon Slap. Take a look at it here: How I Make Money Through Daily Deal Sites.

The thing I love about posts like that are they can get your brain thinking outside the box. You don’t necessarily have to come up with an original idea, just a more convenient or innovative way to use original ideas!

Take a look at that post and pay close attention to the couple of lessons detailed at the bottom.

Great stuff!

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