I know we’re already a month into the year, but many people still haven’t put any thought into how they’re going to approach the year with their businesses, blogs, and Internet properties. I just finished a video by Darren Rowse, from Problogger.net. It’s got some great tips on how to plan the year for your blog.

Check out the video here:

These are the 4 areas they look at when evaluating their blogs:

  1. Content: we looked at the publication rates and types of content, the feedback we got on certain posts, and more.
  2. Community: including comment quality, community signups, and so on.
  3. Stats: here, we considered traffic quality and quantity, visitor types, traffic sources, etc.
  4. Monetization: how are we doing, and what other possibilities are there that we could take advantage of?

You can take a look at the post he put up with some additional notes in it here: Planning for the Year Ahead: My Approach on dPS and ProBlogger.

Grab a pen and paper and take some notes!

[Source: Problogger.net]

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