Blog About Page Youre Probably Overlooking One Of The Most Visited Pages On Your Web SiteThe “About Me” or “About Us” page on any website is often overlooked for its importance. Many website developers will happily create the page and then leave the content to the company or blogger who will eventually feed the updates, images and regular content onto the site. You can’t blame the web developer; after all they are not the best people to ask how your company or personal sales message needs to be delivered. It’s you that should be turning this page into your sales stage, the place where potential sales will come from and your important assets.

Few people will realize that the “About” page on most websites is the highest rank page in the blog. It would therefore be foolish to overlook the importance of this page and even more disastrous to mess this one up. Bloggers need to engage their audiences in a friendly and personal style, otherwise you run the risk of disappearing into the ether of the web and your blog will get overlooked.

One great way for bloggers to set themselves apart from the rest is to be unique. There is always something to be said about initiative, independence and originality. No one expects you to sell anything from your “About Me” page; bloggers should spend some loving care and attention on this area. This is the page where a blogger can effectively sell a product, promote a service or drive traffic to the blog.

On the face of it, a blogger has to use this page to attract customers to your blog or service while building trust. Once you have the wording to make yourself trustworthy and reliable, and customers feel the desire to engage with you, you’ll need to consider other additions to this page that will drive customers to the pages you really want them to end up on.

Adding images to your “About” page is definitely a great way to attract casual observers who are browsing your site. Make sure the image is both attractive but relevant to what you are blogging about. Bloggers must also decide whether they are going to write in the first person, or the second or third person narrative.

Finally, do not write War and Peace on your “About” page, customers do not want to read through thousands of words of content, even if it is quality, fresh and engaging, it’s best to keep it to no more than around 350 words.

pixel Youre Probably Overlooking One Of The Most Visited Pages On Your Web Site