SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is always one of those hot topics. Doesn’t seem to matter what’s going on in Internet-land, SEO is ALWAYS at the top of the list. And for good reason. To make money blogging, or make money online in any fashion really, you have to optimize your web site and play the search engine game.

The interesting thing about SEO, though, is it cycles through varies techniques provided by the guru of the day. Everyone jumps on the same bandwagon, the technique gets over saturated, then a new one cycles in.

Link building is the one most people gravitate towards, as it’s probably the single most important thing that drives traffic to your site. BUT…a lot of people overlook doing SEO analysis on the landing pages and overall site they’re driving traffic to.

Today, I came across a resource that absolutely blew me away. It was a post on Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout web site: How To Perform A SEO Audit – FREE $5000 Template Included.

You need to go to Neil’s site RIGHT NOW and go through the entire post and the 2 downloads he’s offering. The SEO Audit of Quick Sprout alone is PURE GOLD. Use this to see how you should be evaluating your own site and what types of reports you should be giving to your SEO customers.

Neil breaks down the entire process used to evaluate his site. This is easy to do and you should be doing it on EVERY SINGLE ONE of your websites, blogs, Internet properties, etc.

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Thank you Neil for yet another great post!

pixel Exact Process For Performing An SEO Audit On Your Site, Blog Or Internet Property