For all of the hoopla around search engines, and specifically Google, these days, I’m surprised how wrong they get searches sometimes.

I was searching for an answer to a simple question last night. I wanted to find out how much it would cost me to ship a small package to Australia. I was primarily looking at FedEx or UPS, but had the idea that maybe I could ship something through an airline and save some money. After searching around, I decided to just plug in the question: Can I ship something through the airline to another country?

Seems simple, right?

Check out the results:

Funny Google Search Result 615x535 Funny Google Search Results

The first two I can understand. Traveling with pets makes sense.

But results 3 thru 5 really surprised me. I find it interesting that Google thinks “something” in my question is either a pet or a dead body.

Anyone else have funny Google search results? Put them in the comments!


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