Blog SEO Tips Make Your SEO Writing Work FOR YouSEO is a common acronym in the world of online marketing but what does it really mean? Well, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. In the most basic breakdown of that statement possible you get search engine, the means by which people look up information on the internet, and optimization, the maximizing of potential.

The statement then means, maximizing the potential of something in a search engine query. This can be specific to a website, article, or an image/video. Using key terms in the phrases they are most often typed into a search engine can help direct traffic from that person typing that search to the website with the most uses of that specific excerpt. With so many blogs out there today, using SEO in your writing and titling is completely necessary to get your content some exposure.

SEO writing is the use of key terms and phrases in the most natural way possible inserted into a piece of writing, file name, or title to have that specific location show up when that term is searched on the search engine. Combining those aspects above is what drives searches to that page the best.

This point is best illustrated through an example. If someone searches for “chocolate cake recipes” on a search engine, then clearly they want to find something, whether it’s pictures, videos, or articles on chocolate cake recipes. If you just so happen to specialize in chocolate cake recipes and know that anyone looking for cake recipes would love your site, then maximize your search engine optimization with the following hints:

  • Title your page with a phrase including that key term such as “The Best Chocolate Cake Recipes”
  • Use the term “chocolate cake recipes” multiple times in various writing pieces throughout any text on the front page, in banners, or articles
  • Save your images on the site that relate to the relevant search to “chocolatecakerecipes.jpg” or “cakerecipes.jpg” or other ways like that to have the terms related in them.
  • Include other keywords that other people might be searching if they search for chocolate cake recipes like: “moist chocolate cake recipes”, “best chocolate cake recipes”, “easy chocolate cake recipes”, “popular chocolate cake recipes”, and so on.

SEO writing isn’t very difficult it just takes the proper mindset to learn. If you have a knack for writing in general you’ll find fitting SEO content into your work to come naturally after a very short while.

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