Copyscape 615x463 How To Check Guest Content For UniquenessI get lots of a requests for guest post submissions. Some of them are great, some aren’t. But one thing I do on EVERY single one of them is check for uniqueness. I have ZERO tolerance for duplicate copy unless it’s coming from a source I want to promote or the content is just unbelievable and needs to be shared.

Checking for unique copy is pretty easy. There are lots of ways to do it, but my favorite method is using Copyscape.

Copyscape offers a very easy and inexpensive way to check copy that’s submitted to you for your site. The process is simple. Sign up for a Premium account (it will cost you .05 per credit which is trivial), then paste the content you want to check into the text box. You can even have it check the content it finds at a URL you paste into the box if you’re feeling particularly lazy. You also have the option of adding a title of the text if you want to check that as well.

I personally like to search the Private Index and Internet, which costs a whopping .10!

I run content through Copyscape that I purchase from writers, as well as content submitted for guest or paid posts on any sites and blogs I own. It’s a great tool and one you should have in your arsenal.

Check it out here:

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