Hot on the heels of my post a couple of days ago, today I want to give you over 640 ideas for blogging topics. If you’re looking to Make Money Blogging, this is one post you’re going to want to bookmark and reference when the need arises.

Before I get to the links to the topic ideas, let me encourage you to do one thing: Make a posting schedule. That’s right. Stop the random note taking, writing on napkins, etc., print out a calendar, and schedule out what you’re going to write on when. This is a more serious, professional approach to your blog, and it makes it a lot easier each day you need to post to know what you’re going to write about.

Now on to the blogging ideas. Here are several resources I’ve accessed to find solid post ideas:

ChrisBrogan.com100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write - Chris Brogan is a monster name in the Internet world. The dude has done some serious business online in the last decade plus. This list is #1 on my bookmarks list for topic ideas because if he took time to tell us what he would want to see, it’s worth taking noting and writing about it. The guy’s seriously smart.

TropicalMBA.com101 Monetizable Blog Topics – This is my second favorite of the bunch. I love how these topics are formatted as questions. Great great resource.

iNBoundPRO.net59 Blog Topics You Can Start A Blog About – This one is a little more broad with topics you could actually start an entire blog about.

Tommy.IsMy.Name20 Blog Topic Ideas For You – This guy gets the award for funkiest domain name! This is more of a list of post types and style ideas. Couple this with some of the other niche topics and you’ll have more for your post schedule than you know what to do with.

SITSgirls.com365 Blog Topics and Journaling Ideas: FREE eBook! - Don’t let the girly nature of this throw you off. There’s some solid ideas in here. I’m convinced you can find inspiration in about anything. Grab this ebook and you’ll be snagging 365 ideas for posts and content.

That’s it! Now get to blogging!!!

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