Let’s face it, we’re busy.

Whether you blog for a living, throw up your musings now and again in your spare time, or are chasing fame, fortune and untold riches as an Internet Marketer, it’s just downright tough to find time to do everything that must be done…let alone the stuff that should be done. Signing up for your business, brand or blog name on popular (and even obscure) social media platforms would definitely fall into the latter category.

claimbrand logo Claim Your Brand On Over 1000+ Social Media Sites With The Push Of A ButtonThankfully, in the spirit of good entrepreneurship, someone saw a need and decided to do something about it. That someone is Claimbrand.com. Featuring profile setup on over 1000 social media and other websites, Claimbrand.com will stake your claim for you, saving you hours upon hours of time that would otherwise be spent doing it yourself.

“How easy can it be?” you might be asking yourself. Push button simple! That’s how easy! You just fill in a few details, pay for the option you want, and voila!, you’re on your way to reserving your desired username on a TON of sites.

The service isn’t just an automated bot type of thing that blasts out form details you then have to do cleanup on. In the 10 day delivery time, Claimbrand.com sets up your complete profile on each service, activates your account, and sends you a completion report.

I tried the service, and found everything to be delivered as advertised. I even went through and spot checked a number of the profiles set up on my behalf and found them all to work properly. VERY cool!

No matter what slice of the Internet pie you’re chasing, you need to hop on over to Claimbrand.com and reserve your important name BEFORE someone else does. The service is solid, cost effective, and drop dead simple. Packages start at just $24. You can even select which websites and social media outlets you want claimed as part of your service.

Check out Claimbrand.com today: Claimbrand.com.

I want to thank Claimbrand.com for giving me an opportunity to try out their service at no charge to see how it works first hand!

pixel Claim Your Brand On Over 1000+ Social Media Sites With The Push Of A Button