The Best Way to Play HD Videos on iPhone iPad Android

Getting favorite videos onto iPhone iPad Android for offline playback not only saves you network flows, but also delivers smooth playback regardless of network condition. If you need to get your videos onto iOS or Android devices for mobile entertainment, you may use video converter software to remove the […]

A Crazy Offline Advertising Method: Skinvertising

I thought I’d about seen it all when I mentioned a crazy offline advertising method a couple of years ago here: Another Offline Advertising Method: House Wrapping. Little did I know that today’s little discovery makes the house wrapping gig look like child’s play.

I was reading on a blog […]

Over 55 Blogging Tips That Can Transform Your Blog Into Something Incredible

One of the problems with blogging is it’s so dang accessible to literally everyone. Anymore, anyone can start a blog with literally ZERO up front investment. I’ve even contemplated starting a blog from scratch, all from a public place like the Apple Store, using their hardware, software and Internet […]

Brand New Web Time Machine

Ever wish you had a device to take you back in time? Of course you do! And I’m not talking about one like Uncle Rico’s (come on Napoleon Dynamite fans!), but more the DeLorean sort. One that actually worked!

I happened on a site I’d never heard of today that […]

Need YOUR Feedback

I’m working on defining the direction for Blueverse for the year. Been looking over a bunch of stats and playing around with some ideas. I’ve got quite a few things I’d like to cover, but I’m not sure that’s what will be best for those who come across the […]

Blueverse and Digiarty Software Give You Something To Be Thankful For

Thanks again to Digiarty Software for sponsoring yet another giveaway of their software to readers! Grab your copy today!

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, developed by Digiarty Software, Inc., is a windows-based DVD ripping and backup program. Recently, this DVD ripper was upgraded with the fire-new UI and excellent new […]

Small Businesses Are A Primary Target For Data Theft

In this age of science and technological growth, every sphere of our lives are occupied with digital devices, which are used for various reasons including improving the quality of work and saving time. Advancement in technology has raised severe issues of identity theft. It is becoming easier for the […]

Blog Income – October 2009

Another month another dollar. Here’s a breakdown from the blog’s earnings for October 2009:

Banners – $30

Adsense – $61.95

LinkXL – $66.00

Kontera – $0.59

Infolinks – $14.85

Total: $173.39

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Here’s the usual monthly reminder…If you want a free link to […]

Free ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall TODAY

I usually don’t post stuff like this, but this is a great deal (as in FREE!) on a decent little desktop product. For all of us who do work online, viruses, spyware and other annoying computer infections are a constant concern. Even if your surfing is always on the […]

Blog Income – September 2009

Another month gone by. Hard to believe how time flies when you’re havin fun. Here’s a breakdown from the blog’s earnings for September 2009:

Banners – $30

Adsense – $38.47

LinkXL – $102.00

Infolinks – $8.64

Total: $179.11

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