10 Effective Email Marketing Tips

With the increasing dominance of blogging and social media platforms, there has been an open questioning of established marketing techniques using older mediums, such as email, to develop and grow a brand. Since the advent of Facebook business pages, twitter trends, and SEO techniques, businesses have become increasingly reliant […]

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    Better Blogging For An Improved Online Reputation – It Matters!

Better Blogging For An Improved Online Reputation – It Matters!

As a blogger your online reputation is everything. Unfortunately, just having quality content on your blog won’t bring in the readers. It will, however, make them stick around. You can build your reputation by sharing your content and other relevant information to your networks, and by remaining engaged with […]

Creating Niche Websites

When your goal is to make money online, you need a way that works. Choosing something that everyone else is doing or doing something, you cannot do effectively will not help you turn this into a profitable venture. You might end up losing a lot more than you had […]

How I Find Blogging Ideas

Coming up with latest blog topics and ideas to write about can be a daunting thing to do. If you are writer for sure you have spent so many hours staring in front of your computer screen thinking what the best blogging ideas which can attract readers are. There […]

How to Convert More Social Media Leads to Sales

How many times have you thought, “Well yes, social media is fun, but how do I know if it’s improving my bottom line?”

Social is notoriously hard to measure, but there are metrics that can help you determine what’s working and what’s just wasting time. Once you’ve got some sort […]

Only 1 Thing Different

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger, Internet Marketer, or a widget sales person, everyone wants to achieve a higher rate of success. That could include making more money, gaining more visitors, selling more cell phones in India, or whatever. Most of us want to be the best […]

Three Scalable Ways to Monetize Your Fitness Knowledge

Training and giving advices to people in private is a popular form of doing business for fitness trainers, dieticians and nutrition professionals. This makes their services personalized as they are customized according to the clients’ needs. The downside of the model is that it is not scalable because you […]

How To Add Jetpack Commenting System Back To Thesis Commenting Framework

It is observed that there are many older themes which are currently lacking the support from the Jetpack plug-in. This is only the matter of Jetpack plug-in but every plug-in where a comment-form () used as a function. This is basically a short guideline for you to understand the […]

Weigh The Value Of PR Before You Think It’s A Dark Art

During the last 50 years we could see a dramatic growth in industries hitting the top with dedicated PR as the back bone. Even last year, the corporate world witnessed companies like Apple, making high reputation. PR with the right approach adds more value to the business body, hence […]

The Power of YouTube & Video SEO Video

Most of us know we need to be taking advantage of techniques we can use to rank well in Google, but it’s just so easy to get bogged down with ALL of the stuff that needs to be done and methodology for each tactic. Check out the video that […]